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family panel faq

Frequently asked questions

Who can join?
Anyone who is the parent or guardian of a child with a Family Investments Child Trust Fund account or a Junior ISA can join. You must also be aged 16 or over, live in the UK, have internet access and have a mobile phone.

Why should I join?
Taking part in our surveys will help Family Investments better understand your experiences so they can provide the services and products you want and need. It's also fun and you’ll have the chance to win up to £50 in Boots vouchers just for sharing your views.

Why do you gather details about me when I join?
The details we gather are used to ensure that we only send you surveys that are appropriate to you.

What do you do with the details you have about me?
Mum’s Views’ responsibility with the data we hold about you is of the utmost importance to us. We subscribe to the Data Protection Act and comply with the rules contained within this. This means that the data must be:

  • fairly and lawfully used
  • used for limited purposes
  • relevant and not excessive
  • accurate
  • not kept longer than necessary
  • used in accordance with your rights
  • secure
  • not sold to companies in other countries without adequate protection

The personal data you provide to us will never be passed on to a third party other than Family Investments without your written consent. Occasionally we may need to ask your permission for a third party to post you a product for evaluation for one of our surveys. In this case we would always ask for your permission beforehand and your data would not be passed on without your written consent.

We do not sell personal data to marketing companies or any other organisations. Your details will never be sold to companies who are looking to send direct mail or telephone you about products and services.

When we deliver the data to companies about the results of a survey we never report back on the details of an individual. All details are reported based on the sample as a whole.

Do I have to fill in every survey?
No. We realise that sometimes you are too busy or away. It is not compulsory to fill in every survey, however as you will have been specially chosen for that survey it is important for you to take part if you can.

Can I leave at any time?
Yes, if you wish to leave at any time please contact us at and we will remove you from our member list.

What happens to my details if I leave?
If you decide to leave, all your personal details will be removed from our database. However all the answers you have given to surveys will remain and will be classified as being from an anonymous participant.

How long do I have to answer the surveys?
Most surveys will be "live" for up to one week. It is usually important to try and answer the survey as soon as you can before it closes.

Does it cost anything to be a member?
No. There is no cost involved to you other than your time to complete the surveys.

Why do you ask for my mobile phone number?
We use your mobile phone number as your login name so you can access and update your personal details.

If you forget your password, we will use your number to send you a text message.

We will only text you when you have requested us to resend your password.

You will never be charged for a text message we send you.*

We pay the full cost of the text message.

*Please bear in mind that texts received outside the UK may incur a charge from your mobile phone provider. It is therefore advisable not to request your password until you are back in the UK.

Can I register more than once?
We do not allow more than one registration per person. It is important for our surveys that they are only completed once per person. We use monitoring techniques to examine for multiple registrations and if we find members who hold more than one registration we reserve the right to delete all registrations held by that person and terminate the account. Entries into prize draws earned from the completion of surveys will also be removed from members found to have multiple accounts.

If you believe you have more than one account registered with us please contact us and we will try and resolve this.